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2020 August 6 CAC
Internet closure:  05/11/20 * 06/10/20 * 07/20/20

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With respect to the instructions on organization of public events issued by the National Institute of Public Health, after careful consideration, the Organizing Committee reached the decision that the dog show 4 x CAC, CACIB will be organized from August 6th through 9th 2020. Following the instructions on limiting the number of people in public areas, the event will be divided by FCI groups into morning and afternoon part. The event will take place on the sports field in Miren near the border. The number of applications will be limited to the number of persons. One dog can be accompanied by a maximum of one person. However, one person is allowed to bring several dogs. The current quota is the maximum number of 200 people in the morning and after disinfection and preparation of the venue, another 200 in the afternoon. Please note that future instructions of the National Institute of Public Health may result in changes of quotas. Online applications will open on June 17th 2020 at 8am and will close when the quota is met for each of the event days. All of those who have already applied via the website or doglle.com have priority when reapplying and will be specially informed on further application procedures. Please note that the list of judges has changed due to organizational and logistic situation due to COVID 19. Le parc des expositions est à 300 m du poste frontière et il n'est pas nécessaire d'acheter la vignette autoroutière.
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